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DevOps Training Course

By Habeeb Babajide Categories: DevOps
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About Course

DevOps is, at its best, a combination of software development and IT operations; therefore, through this course and practical application, you will develop the skills to use conventional software development and infrastructure management processes to better serve customers and compete in the market, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools with a focus on task automation, IT service and project management framework strategies, real-world case studies, and other methods.



What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Version Control
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Containerization and Orchestration
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security in DevOps
  • DevOps Best Practices and Case Studies

Student Ratings & Reviews

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5 years ago
Great clarity in explanations and thoroughly enjoyed the course. I had been working out for quite a while, but a few little things we might miss out from a diet perspective are covered well in detail here.
Especially loved how you structured the entire focus area of dieting into most important ones to lesser ones.

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